Ridge Runner Media is comprised of a father & son team that have done practically everything together. Be it little league baseball, hiking, biking, camping, or being extras in "The Patriot" with Mel Gibson, there is not much they have not attempted in the line of recreation.

They are very unconventional individuals, making their own path wherever they may go. Terry & Brian form a cohesive & creative unit.

Although no one is perfect, they strive for perfection; and will make every attempt to get the perfect shot. Using high-end equipment and state of the art programs, they deliver a quality product that is sure to please.

They live by the philosophy "what goes around, comes around". Customer satisfaction is their ultimate goal and they are always open for suggestions. You won't find a more easy-going or fun group to work with.

They are a versatile pair that thrive under pressure and are quick to adapt to unfamiliar surroundings.

Brian Miller

  As a teenager, Brian got his start in photography by using a point & shoot camera to photograph his aunt's wedding.

At 35, he has developed a cutting edge style using state of the art equipment.

Brian has been mentored by Gavin O'Neil, a world renowned photographer. He has also worked with Elite Model, Xenia Deli, and Block model Erik Huffman.

Brian is known for his creative lighting techniques. He regularly teaches/mentors aspiring photographers with his skills & knowledge of the art.

When it comes to location, there is nothing boring about Brian's photography. He searches out the most unconventional of locations, striving for the creative edge.



Terry Miller

Terry has always had the ability to entertain. Be it a small gathering or a large crowd, he is sure to make himself heard. He generally has an audience wherever he may go.

He has an ear for perfecting audio and brings a lot to the table for getting it just right. 

At 56 years old Terry is full-filling his desire to create video & capture images for your entertainment, to preserve your memories, and to share a lasting vision.

Terry has a unique ability to find that perfect shot amongst the mayhem.