Hey guys! Congratulations again! Below is your wedding gallery. There are 13 galleries with up to 100 photos in each. You can click on the images to enlarge them and scan through using your arrow keys on your keyboard.

Let me know if the coloring suits you.

I am currently working on photo 9 with some detail editing. I have two images I am putting together to make one where the rings and the prayer book will both be in focus. Also, photo 146, I am going to work on replacing her eyes with some where she's looking at the camera. I just have to get the proper angle/lighting to make it look seamless.

Other than those, let me know if you need anything else done as far as cropping or any major details.



Gallery 01: Photos 1-100

Gallery 02: Photos 101-200

Gallery 03: Photos 201-300

Gallery 04: Photos 301-400

Gallery 05: Photos 401-500