Hiring a photographer can be a daunting task. There's a lot to consider...

 - Do you like their style?

 - Will they give you the coverage you want?

 - Will they be in the way, will they be bossy, will they not capture those precious moments because they weren't paying attention, or will they preserve the memories just as you lived them?

 - Etc...

Please share your thoughts on your experiences with us for other current & future clients.

Thank you!

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"If anyone out there needs a videographer...you're looking in the right place! Brian and his dad did our wedding this weekend and I absolutely could not have ever imagined how good of a job they did! They were undoubtedly phenomenal! They did not miss ANYTHING!!! Thank you guys so much for being there and working so hard to capture our day on film! We will not be able to ever forget anything about it because it is all there! You guys are awesome!!!"

                                                                            - Brooks G.



“Brian and Terry are professional and thorough with everything that they do. They take the time to listen to their clients needs and cater to that while adding in their own professional advice and guidance.

I would recommend Ridge Runner Media for any of your business or personal photography and video needs!”

                                                                          - Michele W.



"I have worked with Brian in several capacities and his work has exceeded expectations in each. His work with Ridge Runner Media is exceptional and I would recommend him for his quality of work and creativity."

                                                                          - Kevin T.



“Brian takes top notch photographs and videos. He is meticulous in his editing and pays close attention to the details to accomplish just the right look for his clients. His experience in such a large variety of settings really gives him an edge in creating unique and memorable photos.”    

                                                                         - Emily



“Brian did a terrific job for us. I believe he is a creative genius as well as being polite and reliable.”

                                                                      - Jeff