We are finally fulfilling our dream of building a small homestead/farm. We will be documenting the build as we go and providing you with a lot of tips as well as other helpful information along the way.

Follow our family as we get back to our roots, carving out a portion of our 20 acre forest where we will develop a healthy & sustainable lifestyle, while enhancing the natural habitat for the existing wildlife.

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This project will take some time. We are doing everything possible ourselves, learning what we need to as we go. Additionally, we run two businesses, this photo/video business and a residential electrical business. So, we work a lot. Every possible moment is spent working on the property. Initially, the property was all forest. Since purchasing, we have cut a 600' driveway 30'-50' wide and cleared a few acres for where our houses will go. No big equipment used, we did it all with a chainsaw. We have used equipment to move the larger logs around that we plan to mill into lumber at a later date. Check back for more as the project continues!